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French Eating Guide 101

If you are interested in French culture, enjoying and exploring their cuisine should be your top priority. What is so special about it is the fact that they eat well and they perform this activity for a prolonged period of time. They enjoy relaxed lunches lasting for nearly three hours and sitting for days on end outside in chic cafes. Apart from visiting the country’s outstanding architectural wonders such as the Eiffel tower and picturesque villages, you should pinpoint cuisine sightseeing on your bucket list. Allow your taste buds to go on a first class travel all over France.



The French are masters at keeping it simple. From fashion to food, they know how to enjoy the little things which matter. They typically begin the day with a light breakfast. Once you wake up in France drink café au lait, tea or hot chocolate, order a roll with marmalade or butter and you will experience the true traditional French breakfast. When you go to Paris, visit the cosy little bakeries, you will see how some offer breakfast deals with juice, croissant, tea or coffee. Try those and behave like a true French. A personal favourite would have to be Du Pain et Des Idées. Bon appetite!


Even the cafes and brasseries in France serve light meals. They serve the food during the entire day, unlike at restaurants. However, there is a thing you should be aware of. The French are great hedonists and they charge differently for the price of the same drink depending on where you want to sit. So, that cosy place may seem nice, but you may have to pay some extra euros to enjoy that wonderful café au lait.

All about the fresh produce

There is no better country to go to if you like the fresh produce. The French are well-known for their organic products, and everywhere you look you can find some great food. You should try their smelly cheeses. You can go to a fromagerie, the place they sell cheese at, and enjoy versatile offers. Visit an alimentation which is a small grocery shop where they sell veggies and choose some fresh organic produce.


If you are vegetarian you will not be pleased to hear that you will hardly find the things you want. In this country, vegetables play a minor role, they are never the main course. You will only see them featured in a side dish during the main course. However, if you would like to prepare your own dishes go to the markets and buy the ripest products out there. Mushrooms, string beans and leeks are especially delicious and everyone is into them out there. If you are dining out, order ratatouille, a Provençal meal which is made of eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, onions and a lot of herbs.


Wine tasting locations

When visiting France you should definitely taste their unsurpassed wine. Make your sightseeing a delicacy for both your taste buds and sight. Go on a cruise along Canal du Midi and explore the picturesque places while you drink the best wine there is. I would recommend Enchante barge cruises since they offer top quality French wines and you can sign in for a tour and wine tasting in Corbières. Then, you can stop at Narbonne and discover the town’s market where you can taste a lot of fresh produce. During the cruise, there is a wine open 24/7 where a wide range of French wines can be found so wait no longer and enjoy yourself. Cheers!


The French are gastronomic hedonists. Go to France and experience their minimalism in eating and the love for fresh produce you can buy in the street markets. And the best of all, top your culinary sightseeing by trying delicious wine on a cosy cruise. Bon voyage and bon appetite!

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