Hi everyone and welcome to the blog Love Swah. What is Love Swah, I hear you ask? It is a blog dedicated to life’s pleasures- travelling to far away places, baking delicious sweet treats and all things design (graphic, fashion, interior, jewellery, you name it!)


I am completely obsessed with travel. I’ve visited 27 countries but feel like I have barely started. I used to be a travel agent a long time ago and am now focusing my energy on travel writing and photography. Each week I will post helpful travel trips, from planning your budget to what to take on the plane. I am also posting mini-guides on various cities around the world, with my personal advice on where to stay, what to see and where to eat!


I love design. ALL OF IT. I will be showing inspirational design works from all types of design as well as sharing some of my own work. After working in television for years I recently quit my career to follow my love for graphic design. I am currently completing a course in Graphic Design and Communication whilst freelancing.

And after a break from a few years of on and off selling on eBay and etsy, I am currently working on my new collection of clothes and accessories.

Sweet Treats

I am an obsessive baker since way back, collecting tried and tested delicious recipes for my recipe book. Each week I will be sharing a new delicious recipe and photos with you as well as helpful hints to encourage more people to take up baking.


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