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    Vietnamese Egg Coffee

    During a recent trip to Hanoi in the north of Vietnam, I lost count of the amount of people telling me to “try the egg coffee!” Egg… coffee? I know, I had the same…

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    Vietnam via Instagram

    Hello everyone I am home! I had a wonderful time in Vietnam and took over 1000 photos (!!) Whilst I sort through those, I will share with you some Instagram snaps I…

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    Vietnam Guide Part #1 – Before You Leave

    ♥ Travel Insurance Image source This should be purchased the minute you book that flight!  Most policies do not automatically include cover for claims involving motorcycling. If you plan on riding a motorcycle (even…

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    Next stop, Vietnam!

    Image Source I am usually a fairly sensible person. Well, sometimes at least. When I book a trip it’s usually months (often a year) in advance and I research and plan everything…