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The Best Foodie Experiences in Singapore

I recently had a few days to kill in SE Asia (what a terrible problem to have!) and decided to fly to Singapore, specifically to eat. Eating is practically a national sport in Singapore, with a huge range of cuisines, cultures and price points that will satisfy every taste. With so many food options available, it can be a little daunting to decide what to eat and where from. So I’ve rounded up my favourite dishes and places to eat, to bring you the best foodie experiences in Singapore!

A dish you simply must try in Singapore is Char Kway Teow – stir fried rice noodles that are cooked with soy sauce, chilli and shrimp paste and served with cockles, bean sprouts and chives. It’s cheap, filling and most importantly, amazingly delicious. My favourite was from Thye Hong, located in the Food Republic food court at 313 Orchard Rd.


Singapore is famous for their Hawker Centres, which are food markets with vendors selling ready-to-eat food. 2 of the most well-known hawker centres are located in Chinatown – the Chinatown Complex (335 Smith St) and Maxwell Road Hawker Centre (1 Kadayanallur St). A hawker centre is a great place to try a huge variety of foods and everything is really cheap.


Below is just a fraction of what I sampled at the hawker centres, they really do have a bit of everything!

I started off my feast with a refreshing sugarcane juice. Entree was Popiah, which is a fresh spring roll filled with shredded vegetables, meat and peanuts. My next dish was Carrot Cake, however this version doesn’t contain carrot, but radish (often referred to as white carrot). The mixture is steamed, and then fried with garlic, eggs and preserved radish called ‘chai poh’. My final dish, coming via India, was Roti Prata, a buttery pancake that is fried on the grill and served with a flavourful chicken curry.


Now you’ve seen a snippet of my best eats in Singapore, head on over to Skyscanner Australia to discover my full guide to the Ultimate Eating Day in Singapore! Happy eating!


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