Can’t afford a big trip? Book micro-holidays to satisfy your wanderlust


I don’t know about you, but if I don’t have a holiday booked in the near future I go a little mad. My sense of wanderlust will never be cured (and I’m ok with that) and no matter how many times I explore the world, I’ll want to go back again and again.

But sometimes we can’t afford annual international holidays, especially the big, life changing and challenging trips I crave. As much as I would love to alternative between Europe and America every year, it’s unfortunately not realistic.

So what’s my solution? The micro-holiday! A micro-holiday is a small (either financially or time-wise) trip that lets you get away, experience something new or relax. I’ve recently discovered this style of travelling and it temporarily satisfies my travel obsession.

There are a few styles of micro-holidays I have been doing lately:

Weekends away

The classic micro-holiday. I love a good weekend away, and have already planned several for this year! Often the destination revolves around what flights are on sale at the moment. The more flexible you are with dates and locations, the better the price.

My first weekend away for the year was to Melbourne. I ate all the food, stayed in a nice heavily discounted hotel (hooray for last minute bookings!) and visited the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition.


My parents bought a vineyard and moved to Orange late last year, so I have taken this as the perfect opportunity to book in a few weekends away out in the country. Fresh air, unlimited wine and family time. Yes please. As it’s only 3.5 hours drive, it’s the perfect distance to leave work on Friday and return Sunday night feeling refreshed.


I went to the music festival Splendour in the Grass last year with a group of girlfriends and added a full day in Byron Bay at the end. It was a great way to finish an action-packed long weekend away – by eating amazing burgers on the beach.

byron bay

Adding a few extra days to a conference or work trip

I flew up to Queensland last year for the Problogger conference and tacked a few nights on afterwards to discover Hervey Bay. I was already paying for the flights for the conference (hello tax write-off), so why not make the most of it?



I sometimes think I can be a bit jaded over Sydney, and have started taking the time to re-appreciate how amazing this city is. Whether it’s a night in a fancy hotel or exploring a new part of town, don’t write off your own city to plan your own micro-holiday.


Small package trips overseas

My friend and I wanted to take a week-long break over the Easter holidays to relax and recharge. I did a lot of research into a destination that was both close to home and not too expensive. We got a good deal on flights and accommodation to New Caledonia, and it’s only 2.5 hours away!


Taking a smaller trip

Since a Europe trip wasn’t realistically on the cards last year, I saved my pennies together for a destination that was closer and cheaper. My solution? China!


Why should you take a micro-holiday?

♥ To take a well-earned break from work. A lot of workers don’t take all their allotted annual leave days each year, and it’s important to have some space and come back feeling rested and refreshed.

♥ To be able to travel without ruining your big picture plans (whether it be a wedding or saving for a house).

♥ Satisfy your travel bug temporarily whilst steadily saving for a BIG trip away.

Do you take micro-holidays or are you going to start booking them?


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  • Reply Jacqui April 13, 2015 at 3:33 am

    Yes! Mini breaks are the best. Well, massive long holidays are the actual best but mini breaks feel amazing cos they’re so accessible! In WA were so far away from everything but we have a lot around here that can satisfy, even within the city! We stayed in a hotel by the beach For the wknd once and we felt so far from home it was like a holiday!

    • Reply Swah April 16, 2015 at 5:16 pm

      Haha yes massive long holidays are certainly the best, but staying at a hotel by the beach sounds like a worthy option too :)

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