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Creative Fridays: An Interview with Alana Dimou


Alana is a super amazing photographer, occasional fancy cake maker, friend and responsible for my lovely profile picture (thanks!)


Hello! Who are you and what do you do?

Hello! I’m Alana, part-time in social media and part-time food and lifestyle photographer.

What work are you most proud of to date?

I recently worked on a campaign promoting the The Rocks’ Aroma Festival – a festival of nothing but coffee here in Sydney. Seeing my photos on flags and billboards across the CBD had me on my knees in a sickening combination of both pride and being #humbled/#blessed – but one of my favourite photographer’s was also working on the campaign, so I’m not sure what was more exciting, the fact my images were published on such a grand scale or the fact that they were flying besides someone’s work who I admire.


What was the turning point in your career?

This is a difficult question, every experience is a massive learning curve so anytime I’m nudged (or thrown, or hurled) out of my comfort zone it ends up being a significant turning point. I used to actively shy away from opportunity when I was much younger, which in retrospect is one of the stupidest things you could ever do to yourself.

Who would you love to collaborate with one day?

Anyone and everyone, I work alone most of the time and my work companionship is sparse. Maybe someone who appreciates the horrendous realness of modern food like my friend Giselle Stanborough, our filthy McDonalds collaboration is a thing of beauty.


What’s your number one tip for someone wanting to start their own business/blog?

Don’t be too precious about what you do and make sure your work comes from a real and honest place. Work hard, do your best and share what you do – because you never know who might be watching.

Where can we find you online?
instagram: @alanadimou
twitter: @bananaparty

Thanks for your time Alana, and check out other Creative Fridays interviews here!

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