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How to stay healthy on a trip (and not come back 10kg heavier!)

Keeping healthy whilst on holiday not only keeps the waistline down but also can help keep your immune system up and prevent you from coming down with a sickness.

Before I start, don’t diet on your holiday! Food is such an integral part of experiencing a country’s culture. Do you really want to be angrily munching on a salad whilst watching your travelling companions wolf down steak frites in Paris? No.

Balance – everything in moderation

Whilst having pizza or pasta at every meal may sound wonderful, not only will you end up a few kilos heavier, you will more than likely feel sluggish and a bit uncomfortable in the tummy after a while. Consider having a healthy breakfast (porridge, wholegrain toast, fruit and/or yoghurt) or eat some sushi for dinner now and then to break it up. After a week of eating the delicious treats America had to offer me I felt SICK. I started buying some healthy (and cheap) breakfast supplies from the supermarket to eat for breakfast, and now and then for lunch or dinner I would have Japanese or a salad (with dressing on the side). I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself as my other main meal of the day featured delicious American treats, however it helped give my body some reprieve.

A decadently delicious burrito in LA that was as long as my boyfriend’s forearm…


…so we had Japanese the next night to balance it out

Don’t forget your fruit and veges

Just because you are on holidays doesn’t mean you stop eating your regular servings of fruit and vege like you do back home. I regularly visit markets or grocers wherever I am in the world to buy fresh fruit to eat (bananas and apples are great healthy snacks) and I’ve been known to buy a giant packet of raw veges to munch on just because “I felt like it”.

Mmm apples. Cheap and healthy!

Avoid drinking too much

This may be a hard one for some of you to stomach but alcohol is full of empty calories and tends to encourage ideas such as 3am kebabs and a huge fry up the next day for brekkie. I am ofcourse going to indulge in champagne in France, beer in Germany and sake in Japan but not every night. And I can’t tell you how many travellers (myself included) have wasted precious days of sightseeing by staying in bed with a nauseating hangover.

I sampled sake in Japan (left) and beer in Germany (right) but (nearly) always in moderation ;)

♥ Cook in your own kitchen

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are now many more accommodation options readily available for us to book online and many of these options include a kitchen(ette) – whether it be a hostel, someone’s apartment or an “aparthotel”. It’s great having your own kitchen when overseas as not only does it make things much cheaper but it means you can prepare healthy meals yourself.

The kitchen in the apartment I stayed at in Paris came in handy! Source

And finally…

Walk everywhere

I do a ridiculous amount of exercise when I travel because I walk everywhere. Not only is walking generally the best way to see a city, you burn a lot of calories whilst pounding the pavement all day everyday which helps offset your guilty indulgences. Win win!

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  • Reply alex November 25, 2011 at 3:08 am

    I couldn´t agree more with this blog entry -I´m currently completing an exchange program in Buenos Aires & as much as I love the pizza, steak & beer here; it can be sickening!
    On the flip side of steak/pizza/beer being the main attraction on every menu that exists here, there are fantastic little fruit stores on every corner with things like blueberrys for as little as 4 pesos for a packet ($1.10). Plus after the great banana famine of Queensland last year I have been going crazy for BANANAS ($1 per kilo = heaven!!).
    Also, love your new pro website! It looks great & I love the minimalistic approach -it really highlights how much detail you put in.
    p.s who is getting married???

    • Reply Swah November 25, 2011 at 7:17 am

      I would definitely go nuts in Bueno Aires for a while with all the delicious food! Mmm – but it’s good that fruit is super cheap there to balance it all out!
      Thanks for the website compliment! I tried to keep it really minimalistic to let the work shine through – I am really happy with it :)
      OH and it’s Avanti that is getting married :) xx

  • Reply Keeno November 29, 2011 at 3:01 am

    oooh liking the Japanese action there! I bought a ‘make your own sushi’ kit for the one year anniversary of my good lady and me. can’t wait to give it a good try!
    bring on the sake!!!

    • Reply Swah November 29, 2011 at 2:04 pm

      Oh wonderful! I have been meaning to learn how to make sushi for a long time now, even thinking of doing a class. Must do in the new year!

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